Baby Safe Cleaning Products

Baby Safe Cleaning Products do not contain dangerous chemicals

Keeping your home and especially the nursery clean is very important for the health and happiness of your baby. However, you must consider what ingredients are in the cleaning products you are using. Natural green cleaning supplies do not contain dangerous toxic chemicals such as carcinogens (cancer causing agents), allergens and neurotoxins that are present in most conventional cleaning products. An example of one of these chemicals is surfactants, which are a group of chemicals usually found in laundry detergent. These chemicals release a toxic chemical called benzene into the environment. Benzene is believed to cause cancer and reproductive disorders. The average American household uses around 40 pounds of toxic cleaning supplies every year. Due to their very porous skin, developing immune system and developing organs your baby is especially prone to the ill effects that these chemicals can cause. These chemicals can cause allergies, skin rashes, behavioral problems, respiratory issues, reproductive problems and even cancer. By using baby safe cleaning products you can be sure you are not exposing your baby to dangerous chemicals while cleaning your house. Just because a product is labeled "organic", "green" or "natural" does not necessarily mean it is free of all dangerous toxic chemicals. In the U.S. you should look for the "National Organic Program" label to insure you are buying true natural green cleaning supplies. If the label is not present take a very close look at the ingredients to determine if there are any dangerous chemicals.

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Baby Safe Cleaning Products are better for the Environment.

Besides being the healthy choice for your baby and you natural green cleaning supplies are also better for the world we live on. By reducing the amount of toxins in our environment we are creating a better world for ourselves our children and their children. The cleaning products we use eventually find their way into the air, soil, and water supply. Toxic chemicals can have devastating effects on animal life, the air and water supply and of course, humans. For example phosphates are found in many conventional cleaning products. For several decades now this toxic chemical has had a devastating effect on the environment by mainly killing fish and plant life therefore disrupting the entire ecological system. By using organic products you will be doing your small part to improve the environment.
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